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About My Practice

Chicago Therapist Caroline SteelbergWhether you are feeling angry, hurt, ashamed or disconnected, I can help. My goal is to shine a light on negative feelings and give you a safe place to express yourself and be heard. When you hide your feelings, the emotional pain comes out anyway. Overeating is an example of this. Verbal or physical violence is another example.

Each of us does our best to deal with stressful situations, relationships, and trauma.  These efforts may bring short-term relief yet are harmful in the long run. I’ll help you figure out new ways to cope. You will feel better when you are able to understand your feelings and respond to them rather than react impulsively. If you have other medical professionals that you work with, I’ll coordinate treatment with them so we are all working together.

You are welcome to call me before we meet to go over any questions you may have about my practice.



(these are organizations of interest to me that I’d like to share with my readers)

THE MINDFULNESS CLINIC – The therapists at this clinic teach and foster mindfulness in daily living.  The clinic has a new location at 5537 N. Clark Street. (themindfulnessclinic.com)

CHICAGO HOUSE – Provides social and supportive services for individuals and families disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS or LGBTQ marginalization. (chicagohouse.org)

ERASING THE DISTANCE –  This non-profit group is devoted to using performance to disarm stigma and promote healing surrounding issues of mental health. (erasingthedistance.org)

ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) – Provides support, education, prevention and advocacy for the treatment of eating disorders. (anad.org)

CHICAGO SAYS NO MORE – This non-profit organization is dedicated to addressing the challenges of domestic violence and sexual assault in Chicago and Illinois. (chicagosaysnomore.org)