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The Secret for a Healthy Sex Life? Cultivate Desire

The Secret for a Healthy Sex Life? Cultivate Desire

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What do you really need to have a healthy sex life? Passion? Pleasure? Desire? If you had to pick one, which would it be? Passion? A person may feel passionate about a partner but not find their mate sexually arousing.

Pleasure? Without pleasure, what’s the purpose of making love? Yet, many people have an active sex life for other reasons — power, loneliness, and boredom among them. Desire? Desire tends to ebb and flow in relationships, so can it be counted on to sustain a healthy sex life over time? Absolutely!

Here’s a secret about desire. Sexual intimacy does not always start with desire. You’re tired. He’s tired. You’re not in the mood. She’s too busy. It’s okay! Desire can be cultivated.

The secrets to maintaining a healthy sex life is a desire

What does it mean to “cultivate desire”? How does desire contribute to a healthy sex life?

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