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Holiday Tips for Mental Health

Holiday Tips for Mental Health

“I hate the holidays!” Sound familiar? As a psychologist, I am well aware of how the upcoming holiday season can wreak havoc on emotional well- being. For those who struggle with anxiety, depression, or chronic stress, this time of year can be particularly challenging. So, be gentle on yourself! Here are a few guidelines for shifting your holiday nightmares into an opportunity for self- awareness and personal growth.

  1. Surprise yourself by saying “no” or “yes”. Many of us are pleasers and respond to invitations automatically. Instead, pause long enough to determine how you feel about the invitation. If you are too busy already, surprise yourself by responding “no”. If you tend to isolate during the holidays, surprise yourself with “yes” to an event that you would enjoy attending.

Above is an excerpt from a blog I wrote on the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago website on December 22, 2014. To read more guidelines about shifting your holiday mindset please click here.


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