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A Therapist’s Response to Alpana Singh

A Therapist’s Response to Alpana Singh

Last week I attended the inaugural luncheon for the PWCC 2016-17 season. I’d signed up immediately after learning the speaker would be Alpana Singh. To me she represented a strong, successful business woman who’d carved out a brilliant and enviable niche for herself in the “eat or be eaten” food and wine industry. I knew she would exude confidence and hoped that some of that might rub off on me, propelling me forward professionally and personally, as speakers at PWCC luncheons tend to do.

What a surprise to find that this woman, who could have spoken about her skyrocketing success as a sommelier, T.V. personality and restaurateur,  chose to talk about her intimate struggle with isolation, depression,  envy and the belief that she was not “good enough.”  How honest is that? Who allows themselves to be so vulnerable in front of a room full of talented, entrepreneurial women, many whom have learned to hide the very feelings that she was speaking about?

Above is an excerpt from a blog I wrote on the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago website on October 3, 2016. To read the entire article please click here.

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